(OnlinEpikairotita) — Last week, the Waldorf School of Limassol, along with Waldorf Schools throughout the world, mark the changing of the seasons with Michaelmas, the Festival of Light and Courage.

This festival honors the Archangel Michael and his battle with the powers of darkness. In fall we need a refreshing experience that acts as a counter-force to autumnal decay.

Flashing meteor showers represent the sword he wields for us; each falling meteor, made of iron,giving us the strength to find resolution in our hearts. Taking up new tasks and challenges is a theme of the season, and Michael’s mission becomes real for us when we take a new step on our inner journey and discover that we must battle with the hidden “dragon” within ourselves.

For the children, this means actively imagining the battle between good and evil in recitations, song,and performance and in participating in games of skill and feats of courage.

Waldorf Education, now celebrating its 100 th year, is a multicultural, nonsectarian method of education that incorporates the arts and active learning into a developmentally appropriate curriculum that prepares the student to respond to the needs of the future.

For more information visit the Facebook page: Waldorf School of Limassol or the webpage, Waldorfcyprus.org.

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